Making Skin (SFX #1)

Morning guys! Today will be a quick and easy DIY. I’m going to be showing you how to make SFX (special effects) skin. This is a wax that makeup artists use to create wounds. It is normally around $25 for 8oz, but you can make your own at home for just a few cents. This is a great idea if you’re just getting into SFX and don’t want to dish out the money, or if you are doing a lot of projects and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on wax, not even considering the blood and cream paints that are usually included in a huge project. It will save you a good portion, so you can splurge on that new Skin Illustrator palette you’ve been dying for. 

You will only need three ingredients:

•Vaseline, any brand will work. 

•flour or corn starch. I prefer corn starch, but flour is even cheaper. 

•foundation that matches your models skin tone. You can make this in multiple small batches, so you can use different foundation for different models. Alternatively, you can make a bulk “light” and a bulk “dark” wax that you can later match when you cover your wounds with foundation.

To start, use a glass container or bowl. Scoop out 1/2tsp of Vaseline 

Then, add 1 whole tsp of cornstarch. 

Add a tiny bit of your foundation. Seriously, just a drop. A little goes a long way. I recommend using any cheap kind to start out. I used this Rimmel match perfect that was on sale at rite aid. 

It will look like this when everything is added. 

Mix the product using a spoon or your fingers (coat them with cornstarch first). This recipe makes about enough for one wound

But it’s very easy to double or quadruple the recipe. Just remember, you want a 2 to 1 ratio of cornstarch/flour to Vaseline, with still only a drop or two of foundation. 

Here is my batch using 1tbsp Vaseline and 2tbsp cornstarch

As you can see, it came out the exact same way, just much bigger. 

You can really do anything with this stuff. Last night just messing around I did these scratches:

This is just the wax with a 90 cent tube of blood, as I didn’t have any other blood or cream color on hand. It goes to show that you can create some bad ass looks for under 2 dollars. 

Let me know what you guys make! Do you like this series? Would you like more SFX tips?

Have a bloody good day. 



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