Blueberry Nice Cream Recipe

I am sometimes sensitive to dairy. It makes my stomach cramp quite badly in the middle of the night, so sometimes, I try to switch up my meals to a more veganized approach. Unfortunately, I also have quite a sweet tooth. The most common solution I’ve heard is banana ice cream. Double unfortunately, I hate bananas. For those nights when I need some sweetness, I made this delicious recipe for some blueberry ice cream with coconut and chocolate. It’s so simple, you won’t even have to wait for it to freeze to dig in. 

You will need:

•1 cup frozen blueberries. 

•optional fruits: pineapple, mango, strawberries. 

•vitamix or high speed blender

•almond or soy milk

•decorations, such as coconut and chocolate, or nuts, or peanut butter, or seeds. 😋


Throw everything into the blender starting with the berries/other fruits. Add nut milk one teaspoon at a time and use the taper stick to blend until a hard frozen consistency begins to appear. Pour into bowl and decorate with toppings of your choice. Eat! 😋😋😋 

I imagine using this recipe with everything. A lemon blueberry ice cream with a cashew cream “cheese” drizzle. A strawberry vanilla iced cream with shortbread bits. Use your imagination, and this could be an insanely versatile and yummy treat, although it’s delicious as it is! 

Sweet dreams. 



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