Last night I had several weird, terrifying dreams, one after another. In these dreams, there was  demonic possession and sick/evil children. There was also discussion of a serial killer, and other various horror movie ideas. 

 What does it mean? I haven’t been doing anything different at bedtime, but my dreams have been way crazier. I don’t eat late at night, I haven’t been watching scary movies, and I’ve been eating healthy foods as well as exercising. All of these things usually help me sleep better. 

In the past I’ve had nightmares that last for a few days then cease suddenly. I am hopeful that such is the case this time, but I’m worried as always. I rarely have good dreams. I almost always wake up in a dreadful panic, crying. My fiancé even wakes me sometimes, with my fitful crying alerting him. I don’t know how to ease my mind at sleep, but I’m tired of waking up so afraid I can’t move. 

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? How do you make them stop? Have any of yours ever been reoccurring? 

Sweet dreams. 



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