Going home 

I’m ready for this vacation to end. While it’s been a fun time and I’m so grateful for the break, I have a sickness in my stomach begging for home. 

The truth is, I’m a homebody. I miss my bed, my stores, my tv, my library, and my food. 

I can’t handle all the stress of eating out, being around thousands of people, and being sunburnt/in pain. I’m not an adventuresome type of girl. I’m a homebody. No, I’m a hermit. 

If I could have it my way, honestly, I would never leave the house. My intense social anxiety is downright crippling, and I can’t breathe sometimes when I’m around others. I haven’t had any panic attacks this time, but I am drained and exhausted from interacting. I need a few days to recalibrate. 

This trip has been fun, but I’m looking forward to heading home. 



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