Tofu Nuggets Recipe 

Hey guys! I’ve decided to go vegan, at least for a while. I’ve been vegetarian for a while, and after trying Keto for a little bit, I’ve decided that meat is not for me (that’s what she said). 

I can’t digest meat well. It upsets my stomach and gallbladder, and usually leaves me in intense pain. After being vegetarian for a while, I’ve learned that I don’t even miss meat. After trying veganism, I do miss cheese, but I am learning to deal without it. Dairy also upsets my stomach, so it’s better for me to just avoid it at for now. 

In an attempt to focus on simplicity, I made some vegan nuggets to share with you guys. 

This recipe is MADDDD easy, but so good. 

You will need:

•1 pack sprouted tofu (or firm tofu). 

•flour, half a cup

•paprika, pepper, garlic salt (pinches). 

•nut milk (1/4 cup)

•breadcrumbs (any kind, I like Italian) 1/2 cup


•set your oven temperature to 400*. 

•press your tofu. To do this, drain your tofu from the pack and wrap it in cheese cloth or paper towel. Press it between two cutting boards for around 5min. 

•cut your tofu on a cutting board. I cut the block into five strips, about 1/4 inch wide. Then, cut those strips in half. This means each block of tofu produces 10 nuggets. 

•set up a dipping station for your nugs. Pour your nut milk into a shallow bowl, next to that, mix your flour and spices into another shallow bowl. Do your final bowl with the breadcrumbs. Finally, set up your baking sheet. I did not line or spray the pan because it is non-stick. If you’re worried, a little bit of Pam will do the trick. 

•dip your nuggets into the nut milk, flour, back into the nut milk, then finally the breadcrumbs. Put them all on your baking sheet. 

•bake at 400* for 20 minutes. Flip the nuggets, then bake for an additional 15. 

•EAT! 🌱😋 

Let me know if you guys try this recipe. If you’re vegan or an omnivore, I guarantee these will be a tasty treat. They’re healthy, and super quick and easy. If you have kids, I imagine this being a fun lunchtime project (setting up mini dipping stations for them, using cookie cutters for the tofu, experimenting with dipping sauces). 

Sending you plant fueled love. 



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